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Who We Are

GuideTrade LLC is a Florida Limited Liability Company, dedicated to being the #1 Stock Trading software company in the world. Through our unparalleled experience and knowledge in the end-of-day-market, our stock managing software has given investors the valuable information they need at their fingertips, giving them a profitable trading solution – consistently.

GuideTrade’s development of its products and services is driven by the goal to deliver the most user friendly and profitable stock managing software application to beginners and professional traders.

Why Us

We show you that the calculated buy and sell signals have proven to work. This is accomplished without any personal settings adjustments. We prove to you that the unique algorithm works and beats the market.

What Makes Us Unique

After years of end-of-day-trading in the marketplace, our founders Jack Hopman and Erik Leenders, created a stock managing software product unlike any other. Using a unique algorithm the forecasting methodology of Apollo Stock Manager is not merely another trading system. When you want a superior end-of-day trading system solution for your investing portfolio, you want the products created by GuideTrade. For superior buy and sell signals, the easiest to use and profitable stock managing software program, Apollo Stock Manager is the right choice for your long term end-of-day trading and investing activities.

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P.S.: We stand behind our product. If you purchase Apollo Stock Manager and it doesn’t perform as we have stated, you’ll receive a one year stock data subscription for free!

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StockMarket %Apollo %
Dow Jones 90.7 87.0
Nasdaq 159.2 155.4
S&P 500 106.9 45.6
S&P 100 94.2 94.6
Updated February 07

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“Now that I have been playing with the program for awhile, with stocks I know and am familiar with, this is an amazing program.”
10/7/2009 – Kent Lindberg