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TV. The Internet. Newspapers. Blogs.
Gee, could we get any more unscientific about trading here?

The good news: People have more sources for financial information than ever.
The bad news: Most of these sources only make for good entertainment.

Apollo Stock Selector Screen Instead of listening to what a panel of talking heads on TV say you should do next, see what happens when emotions are completely removed from the trading process.

Apollo Stock Manager isn’t about spur-of-the-moment, gut decisions.

The software executes hundreds of thousands of calculations and through a proprietary algorithm, delivers Buy and Sell signals that have the highest probability of profit.
So you know exactly when to get in and out of a trade in order to manage risk.

Shifts happen.

Market shifts, that is. But Apollo stays right in sync with the changes. How? Our optimized algorithm is recalculated frequently to reflect the newest market conditions. So Apollo’s signals can consistently keep up with stocks across every major market in the world, from the BSE Sensex and Dow Jones to the Nikkei 225 and Hang Seng.

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Apollo Stock Screen

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StockMarket %Apollo %
Dow Jones 90.7 87.0
Nasdaq 159.2 155.4
S&P 500 106.9 45.6
S&P 100 94.2 94.6
Updated February 07

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“Now that I have been playing with the program for awhile, with stocks I know and am familiar with, this is an amazing program.”
10/7/2009 – Kent Lindberg